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About us

Our company «Inter Spark» is a team of professionals engaged in the sale of non-sparking tools, non-magnetic tools, steel tools, stainless steel tools, brass tools, copper tools and hydraulic equipment.

The goal of our company «Inter Spark» is an effective solution of production problems and the introduction of new technologies that are widely used in developed countries. We offer the consumer only the tool that primarily meets international quality standards in the field of production technologies.

So our products are special hand tools of world brands X-Spark, Europet, Taurus, WREN:

  • Non-sparking (explosion-proof) hand tools X-Spark made of beryllium and aluminum bronze for work in potentially explosive areas;
  • Titanium non-magnetic hand tool Taurus for work in strong magnetic fields;
  • Steel tools Europet for heavy-duty works;
  • Stainless tool Europet for work in aggressive environments and magnetic fields

A full range of hand tools for carrying out work related to the controlled tightening of bolted connections:

  • Manual torque multipliers
  • Electric torque wrenches
  • Cordless torque wrenches
  • Hydraulic wrenches
  • Tensor jacks (stud tensioners)

Pumping stations for hydraulic wrenches with electric, pneumatic and petrol drive manufactured by WREN.

  • Electrically insulated VDE tool 1000V;
  • Hydraulic pullers and pushers of the trademark PRO HYDRO TOOL «OMARSTAR», POWERRAM and others
  • Hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic jacks manufactured by WREN and POWERRAM
  • Sleeves of high and extra high pressure SPIR STAR

As well as powerful specialized wrenches with torque control, for working with any bolted connections, battery and electric.

Why choose us:

  • Wide range of hand tools always in stock
  • Prompt delivery worldwide
  • Own supply and logistics chains
  • Managers of «Inter Spark» will provide professional assistance in selecting the right tool
  • Guaranteed individual approach to each customer and full advisory support