about inter spark

Our company «Inter Spark» has been on the market for more than 10 years. During this time, we have established cooperation with many leading industrial enterprises.

We offer you all the necessary resources to fulfill your tasks in the supply of non-sparking, non-magnetic, steel, stainless steel, hydraulic and other tools of our specialization.

The best indicator of success for us is a satisfied customer!

We are interested in whether you solved your problems? Are our tools being used effectively? Are you satisfied with his work and cooperation with us? You can write all suggestions, wishes and claims to us at feedback@inter-spark.com.

If you are a trader, we are ready to provide you with all the necessary support for the successful joint sale of our products. Any technical and commercial information will be provided by specialists of the wholesale department by phone +7 (812) 643-34-32 and cooperation@inter-spark.com.

We are ready to design and manufacture non-sparking tools according to your drawings, providing a 100% guarantee of safe operation in potentially explosive areas. We are also ready to offer high-quality tools for working with bolted connections, hydraulic wrenches to solve the most difficult tasks.

The best thing about us can tell only cooperation with us!

Our company of professionals is looking forward to long-term cooperation

We care about the reputation and reliability of the supplied tool, and we are waiting for your feedback on working with us at: feedback@inter-spark.com